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Alcoone Interior 3mm 4mm 6mm Rheinzink Natural Preweathered Weathered Blue Graphite Grey Titanium Zinc Composi

 NO.10000, Huzhou City (湖州市) 313000, China, Zhe Jiang (浙江省), China - Map Directions

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15 August 2018 - 15 August 2026 15 August 2018 15 August 2026
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Product Name:
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Introduction and Basic Information:

By cooperating with Rheinzink,  the Titanium-Zinc Composite Panel. It's a environmentally friendly material with aesthetic look.

Advantage of  Zinc Composite Panel:

1) Self-healing. Titanium-Zinc will naturally develops a protective zinc carbonate layer as it
Ages. Scratches and imperfections seem to melt away as the zinc carbonate layer develops.

2) Strong and Flat material: Comparing to ACP or soild Zinc panel, Zinc composite panel will be much stronger and flatter, makes it ideal for wall cladding.

3) Easy installation and Maintenance: Titanium-Zinc Composite Panel can be installed same as ACP, and because of the zinc carbonate layer on the surface so nearly no manual cleaning is required

4) Cost-Effective: Comparing to solid Titanium-Zinc Panel, the cost for Zinc Composite Panel is about 50% lower.

                                                                      Titanium-Zinc Composite Panel
Color Options Bright Rolled /Blue Grey / Graphite Grey
Total Thickness 4mm
Zinc Thickness 0.5mm
Width 1000mm
Length Any up to 6000mm

Smooth surface coating
Excellent impact resistance
Outstanding weather & UV resistance
Light weighted
Cost efficient
Good heat & sound insulation
Easy to process, install and maintain
Fabulous dimensional stability
Splendid corrosion resistance
Diversified colors

Facade cladding, curtain wall cladding, interior wall decoration,
Renewal of old building facade, signboard, furnitures, truck box, etc.
Technical Data:

70% HNO3 30mins ΔE< 5%  
Boiling test Bended sheets 1.0T after 5 minutes in boiling water without cracks  
Tensile Strenght 155-180(Mpa) ≥155  
Yield strength ≥130Mpa) ≥130  
Elongation ≥3%   ≥3%  
This test resulte is randomly tested by internal QC department and result in average datebase.  

Painting: Kynar 500 PVDF resin with quality dying material only from PPG or Beckers.
               2-3 coating system as one of PPG's authorized coater in China
               Color remain bright and vivid after long time duration even under server weathering considtion.
 Why Kynar 500 PVDF coating? The one and only resin human could find can survive server neveda   desert environment. PPG is the oldest PVDF resion supplier in the world, and they are famous for colorful and durability of dying materials. 
Color:  More than 30 standard colors and customerized colors available.  Strict ΔE control. 
            ΔE means the color coherence control in same or different batch, eash the pressue on client's stocking plan or supplying line.
Core:  PE flexible core or FR core 

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