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Cooking Oil Plant Project Introduce

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3 April 2020 - 3 April 2030 3 April 2020 3 April 2030
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Our cooking oil plant project have spread all over the world. Such as the soya oil project in Pakistan, cotton oil mill project report in India, thresher palm oil mill project in Indonesia etc. We will introduce a small scale coconut oil processing to you.

There are many ways to process coconut oil, and different ways can affect the quality, appearance, taste and aroma of the finished product
Coconut oil is generally divided into two major groups.Refining, decolorizing, flavoring, refining coconut oil and virgin coconut oil, the difference between the two in the processing process of oil products, virgin coconut oil represents the oil itself through less refining process, through shading and no chemical additives refining, also become cold pressed coconut oil.

Well dried copra with a moisture content not exceeding 6 per cent is cleaned well from any foreign matter. It is then cut into small chips in a copra cutter. The chips are fed into steam jacketed kettles and cooked mildly at a temperature of 70oC for 30 minutes. After proper cooking, the cooked material is fed into the coconut oil processing machines continuously and pressed twice. The combined oil from the first and the second pressing is collected in a tank provided separately. This oil is filtered by means of a filter press and stored in MS tanks. Bulk packaging is done in tin containers. HDPE containers and polymeric nylon barrier pouches are used for small consumer packings. The quality of copra is related to the quality of coconut oil.

The oil cake obtained as a by-product will find a ready market as a cattle feed and in the manufacture of mixed cattle feeds or as a raw material for the extraction of remaining oil by solvent extraction method.

The most commonly coconut oil is refined, bleached and deodorised coconut oil or RBD coconut oil, which is produced from dry coconut meat (copra). RBD coconut oil is produced from copra by advanced coconut oil processing thechniques. Copra is made by drying coconut in the sun, smoking and heating it. During the production process of coconut oil processing , chemicals are used and the oils are heated to high temperatures where they can form of a certain percentage of trans-fatty acids, which contribute to arteriosclerosis, heart disease and diabetes. Because this coconut oil is produced with high temperatures and chemicals, its taste becomes bland with a composition of about 3-4% of Lauric Acid. RBD Coconut oil is widely used in the Far East as cheap cooking oil.

We supply for the turn-key coconut oil processing plant, state of the art coconut oil processing thechnology. Of course we also sale high quality avocado oil extraction machine, oil expeller. We also launched a home oil press for home users. how to make soybean oil at home? Please feel freee to contact us.


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