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Corn syrup production process

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For someone which want to start a corn syrup production business, how to make corn starch syrup is very important. And corn syrup making not only need the raw material, also requests to equipt with complete set of corn syrup production equipment and corn syrup production process technology data.

According to our dry milling technology, glucose syrup processing can use two kind raw material (corn / broken rice) to produce the high quality glucose syrup directly . The customer can choose the more cheaper raw material at different time to produce  glucose syrup  and get more profit from the corn glucose syrup processing plant.More information about our corn glucose syrup processing equipment, please contact us freely . We welcome you to visit our company.

Doing Company is a professional corn syup production machine manufacturer, below is our machine and technology introduction:

glucose syrup production equipmentAs far as we know that the raw material for making syrup is starch. Any crops containing starch, such as corn, rice ,cassava, potato, etc., can be used to produce glucose syrup. The traditional technology of producing glucose syrup from corn in corn glucose syrup processing plant first step is making starch from corn, then we use the starch to produce the glucose syrup. But now our company has new technology which is the dry milling method with double-enzyme method. It can produce glucose syrup from corn or broken rice directly. It do not need the starch production process. It will save much cost and consumption during the whole corn glucose syrup processing process.

Our dry milling method for corn syrup production process: first dry cleaning corn, remove the corn germ (can be used for making corn oil)  and then use dry milling method to mill cleaned corn to required corn powder , without any water input or discharge  during the corn powder production .

glucose syrup production equipmentThe double-enzyme method of corn syrup production equpment is first mix corn powder with water making slurry (like produce liquid glucose from starch), jet cooking slurry for liquefaction (liquefaction enzyme), separate  protein and other solid impurity , saccharification (saccharification enzyme), decolorization , Ion exchange and evaporation to get required  density high quality clear corn glucose syrup .

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