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digital LED controller

 1002 Langjing Road, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen 511700, Guangdong, GuangDong, China - Map Directions

25 October 2018 - 25 October 2019 25 October 2018 25 October 2019
Business Details
  • Model No::
  • R728
  • Product Country of Origin::
  • China
  • Method of Payment Options::
  • Paypal
  • Time Before Shipment::
  • 1 week
  • Monthly Production::
  • 100000 pcs

YoucancontrolthedigitalLEDstripviathe smartphonenow.ThenewR728seriesdigital stripcontrollercanbeconnectedtosmart phoneviabluetooth,withtheColorStream app,it’svisualandconvenienttosetupplenty ofchasingdynamicmodeandstaticcolor.
The controller can be linked to any smart phone with bluetooth feature and theconnecting operation is very simple, just like connectingabluetoothearphone.
The ColorStream app has a unique library setting and user can save the favoritedynamic mode and static color to the library and jump to the favorite setting with a shortcut operation. Furthermore, the optional RF remote controller RM05(RM07) could work with the controller and user can switch the library content via the remote control keys. In thisway,youcancustomizethecontrollerwith favorite effects and operate it with a simple remotecontrollerinfuture. 

The new R728 digital strip controller is designed to drive Rayrun S3363 and S3483 digitalstrips.Eachcontrollercandriveupto50 meters of S3483 strip. The controller can be also used with master-slave configuration for long distance or distributed installed projects. The controller has a synchronizing output port that transmits the working information to R728-B slave controller. The slave controller Apps
Please scan following 

Please scan following QR code to install the App. You can also search ‘ColorStream’ in Apple App store or Google play market to install.

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