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DJ-AIR COOLER/Evaporator

2528, SHANGHAI 20000, SHANGHAI, China

Products features:
D type series of air coolers adopt spraying technology on the shell which is anti-corrosive and with gorgeous appearance.The evaporating tube has 2 types: ∅12 and ∅16.The coil is arranged by a new way to reduce wind side resistance, making it tightly connected by wrapping the aluminum sheets on the copper tube through mechanical expanding tube to get an efficient heat transmission.The special fan motors we select are low noise,high blowing rate and steady operation and we can also select explosion-proof motors according to customer. All the wires are put inside one terminal box for easy installation and maintenance.U-type stainless steel electric heating pipe is fixed in coilers to achieve high efficient defrosting.And It’s very convenient for installation with groove hangers.All the products need pressure retaining and nitrogenization before they go out.


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