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Dry Air Generator of Transformers

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19 November 2018 - 26 November 2020 19 November 2018 26 November 2020

Transformer Dry Air Generator is a comprehensive use of the advantages of the cold and dry machine, suction dryer, coalescence oil-water separation, ultra-precision filtration, the freezing, adsorption, filtration and other three kinds of dry purification process scientific combination, through reasonable The pipe connections and capacity are matched to achieve the best economical operation and produce high quality and low dew point dry air. And integrated design, PLC automatic control, automatic detection of various operating parameters, compact and reasonable structure, good drying effect, low regeneration gas consumption, long working life, effective use of composite desiccant, life expectancy three times longer than ordinary adsorbent the above. Using computer program control, high efficiency, energy saving, safe and reliable.


Application of dry air generator

Although the transformer was removed during transportation, the weight still exceeded 100 tons. In order to effectively reduce the transportation weight, large-scale transformers generally use the insulating oil inside the oil tank to make the transformer be transported in an oil-free state. Transporting transformers without oil can easily cause the insulation to get wet. Therefore, when filling without oil, fill the transformer tank with nitrogen gas to reduce the possibility of moisture in the insulation. As long as the fuel tank has a good seal, and the nitrogen filled in the fuel tank maintains a pressure of (0.02-0.03) MPa (dew point <-40°C), the phenomenon of moisture-proof insulation will not occur, so that oil-free nitrogen filling is reliable. However, the way to transport nitrogen is not only costly but also causes personal accidents due to lack of oxygen. In order to change this situation, dry air is used instead of nitrogen transport, that is, the transformer is connected to a dry air generator, and the air is dried and purified through a dry air generator so that the dew point of the dry air reaches below -40°C. The gas purification accuracy is 20.01μm. Inflate the transformer without oil transportation and ensure that there is no leakage. It can greatly reduce the transportation costs of overweight transformers and avoid the possibility of an oxygen-deficient accident on site.


Dry air generator is mainly used as a Transformer Drying Machine, and also widely used for supply dry air to reactors and other large-scale power equipments during maintenance, to ensure that the internal insulation of the power equipment . It is safe, reliable, economical and convenient than using bottled gas.



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