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Extraction of starch from cassava principle

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The extraction of starch from cassava can be mainly divided into three procedures: release the starch form potatoes by rasper; washing starch slurry by centrifuge sieve and fine fibre sieve; cleaning starch liquid concentration and purification by disc seperator and hydrocyclone station. This three procedures constitute the extraction process of starch from potatoes. Next is the detail description of the extraction of starch from cassava:

1. Cassava washing, this is the first step of cassava processing, we all know cassava is big, and its skin is hard, we usually use dry sieve and paddle washer to made cassava washing process, dry sieve no need water, fast remove the impurities like sand, weed which mixed in cassavas, then delivery into paddle washer washing by water, and the water working way is conversely to cassava, this design help to remove the sediment on the cassava surface.

2. Cassava milling machine, this step is made cassava crushing process to broken the fibre, free the starch from cassava, but now Doing Company cassava crushing process is different with others, now we don't use the traditional hammer type crusher,  we have designed and manufacture a newest rasper machine to crush cassava, this rasper crushing performance is better than hammer crusher, higher cassava starch yield.

3. Starch slurry cleaning, our horizontal centrifugal sieve adopt special design, under operation, the sieve screen not be blocked, make sure the whole cassava starch process continuously working. And our centrifugal sieve make sure the material discharge completely, no waste of cassava materials. This also a important part for cassava starch yield. And suggest you equipped with desanding machine for further fine cleaning and filtering to starch slurry.

4. Starch slurry concentrating and refining, in this section of our cassava starch making machine, we suggest you use disc seperator and hydrocyclone, rather than just hydrocyclone. Use these two machines together will get better effect, to produce high grade starch, and make machines working time longer. High efficiency than others.

5. Wet starch dewatering and drying, dewatering step use vacuum filter process to made starch water content less than 40%, then adopt Doing Company air drying system, to get 12%-14% water content cassava starch, high grade cassava starch water content is less than 15%, our dewatering and drying process make sure final starch quality get the high grade standards.

To sum up, main machines used for the extraction of starch from cassava contain rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, disc separator and hydrocyclone station. DOING company can design and manufacturer complete production line based on actual requirements and budget.

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