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High fructose corn syrup production line in fructose production plant

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Focus on the high fructose corn syrup fast developing requests, Doing company has mastered the high fructose corn syrup manufacturing process technology completely. So if you want to install a high fructose corn syrup production plant, we can offer the machine and technology data.

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Below is our high fructose corn syrup manufacturing process description:

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The development of fructose syrup industry is closely related to sugar, and from the market trend, the increase in the demand for fructose corn syrup depends on the price difference between the sugar and fructose syrup. Sugar factory price lower than $450 per ton, most food industry not interested in starch syrup replace sugar, sugar price in $450-550 per ton, sugar companies and sugar demand factory will take a wait-and-see attitude, when sugar factory price higher than $550, It is inevitable that the substitutes will greatly divide the sugar market. Now, sugar price is higher than $550. Fructose corn syrup demand must be increased a lot. And fructose syrup production industry will get more ecnomic benefits.

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International sugar inventory declined, and the rise in international oil price has led countries like Brazil to increase the amount of sugar cane used to produce fuel alcohol, all these reason Increased demand for fructose syrup in world markets. From a product standpoint, F42 fructose syrup and corresponding F55 fructose syrup production capacity does not match the market demand, at present, the F42 fructose syrup production industry only can product F42 fructose syrup, but Coca-Cola, Pepsi-cola and other carbonate beverages production company demand starch syrup is F55 fructose syrup. The production line technology of F55 fructose syrup production is higher, which leads to the single fructose syrup production specification. DOING equipped with mature F55 fructose syrup production technology and whole set high fructose corn syrup production line, can meet all kinds of your requests.

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Following is Doing company high fructose corn syrup factory introduction and features:
1. Product technology of high fructose corn syrup production matures.
Our high fructose corn syrup production process covered secondary jet liquefaction, saccharifying enzyme, ion exchange technology. It is also mature technology in the world. Lots of high fructose corn syrup production plant adopt this technology.
2. Processing with high efficient
Our high fructose corn syrup production use part automatic control technology, achieved accurate control of the system, high efficiency and stable product maltose syrup with high quality. And these equipment can produced different syrup according to syrup market.
3. Shorter construction time
The on-site installation can be completed within 1~3 months.

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