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High fructose corn syrup production line made for Philippines

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25 July 2018 - 25 July 2018 25 July 2018 25 July 2018

The Philippines customer ordered one set of high fructose corn syrup production line equipment from Doing Company, now, our factory are manufacturing the equipments for him. This high fructose corn syrup production line with capacity 15 ton per hour, corn starch is the raw material for high fructose corn syrup production. This order plan to complete within 4 month, after manufacturer, these equipment will shippments to Philippines by air, then our engineer will come to Philippines to install the fructose equipments to make sure the equipment can work smoothly.

DOING high fructose corn syrup production line contain all machines requested for high fructose corn syrup production. The high fructose corn syrup production process is mixing, secondary jet liquefaction, saccharification, decolorization and decarburization, ion exchange, four - effect falling film evaporates, etc. Adopt partial automation control system, make sure precise control of the system, high efficiency and stable to prduct high quality corn syrup. We give you complete set energy-saving corn syrup Philippines production plan, and offer high fructose corn syrup factory installation and technical training.

If you also want to install a high fructose corn syrup factory, Doing Company is a good choice for you to offer the equipments and technology process.


At present, the high fructose corn syrup market fast developing, processing technology and quality requests has been more and more higher, and the demand of industrial enterprises for the reliability, advancement and quality level of fructose syrup production technology is also increasing day by day. Whatever, Doing company can meet all these requests.


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