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How to extract starch from sweet potato?

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Sweet potato tubers are high in starch content, but low in protein and fat, With a  starch content of 15-25%, sweet potato is a ideal starch processing material. But how to extract starch from sweet potato, here we will introduce the technology of extraction of starch from sweet potato.

The process about how to extract starch from sweet potato mainly includes the following part:
sweet potato choosing-cleaning-washing-cutting and crushing-separating-concentration and refining-dewatering-drying-packing

sweet potato processing machine
Extract starch from sweet potato

1.Sweet potato choosing and weighting section:
The quality of sweet potato starch is determined by the raw sweet potatoes. Therefore we need to choose high quality sweet potato without damage. Then the chosen sweet potatoes are weighed and stored in a sweet potato stack. After that, they are transported by a conveyor to a cleaning machine for processing.

2.Cleaning and washing section:
As the first processing step for how to extract starch from sweet potato, the main purpose of this process is to remove the sediment from the outer cortex of sweet potatoes and wash the epidermis of sweet potatoes. The fresh sweet potato is cleaned in dry sieve in which the impurities are cleaned such as sand and small stones. Then we use the rotary washing machine for removing the soil, sand and other impurities. This process is the basis of guarantee the quality of starch, the cleaner the raw sweet potatoes are cleaned, the better the starch quality is.

3. Cutting and crushing section:
Due to the big size of sweet potato, it will be better to cut it into small piece before crushing process. The cutting machine is used for this purpose. After cutting, the sweet potato is transported into rasper for crushing by screw feeder. As an important process for how to extract starch from sweet potato, rasper is mainly used for destroying the tissue structure of sweet potatoes so that the small starch particles can be separated from the roots.

sweet potato milling machine
Sweet potato crushing machine

4. Starch separating section:
The crushed sweet potato slurry includes fibers, protein, cell sap and so on. In this process, the sweet potato starch processing machine for how to extract starch from sweet potato is centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve. By utilizing the high speed centrifugal force, centrifuge sieve can effectively separate fiber from starch. The fine fiber sieve is a low speed centrifugal equipment. It mainly remove small fibers from starch to further purify the starch slurry.

5. Concentration and refining section:
This process is for the concentration, recycling and refining of the starch milk. To ensure a better washing effect, DOING sweet potato production line adopts 13-stage hydrocyclone station which can better remove the impurities of fiber, protein and other impurities contained in the starch milk. In this way, all the indicators of starch produced can be guaranteed to meet the standards.

6. Dehydrating section:
The dehydrating is used to reduce the water content of cassava milk for how to extract starch from sweet potato. Vacuum filter take use of negative pressure to achieve the purpose of dehydrating. The starch milk is sucked onto the drum, and the filtrate is sucked into the filtrate separation tank and pumped away by the filtrate pump. The filter cake is scraped down by the scraper and transported into the feed hopper of the flash dryer with food-grade conveyor belt.

sweet potato processing machine
Sweet potato starch dehydrating machine

7. Drying and packing section:
The final process for how to extract starch from sweet potato in sweet potato starch production plant is the drying and packing. The wet starch is heated by the high speed hot air and the water is evaporated. Finally, the dried starch is then transported to semi-automatic packaging machine and packaged into finished products.

The whole production process about how to extract starch from sweet potato adopts the company's new automatic starch processing production line, from fresh sweet potato to starch products are all automated production, high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and labor saving. Should you have any concern about building sweet potato starch production plant, welcome consult our engineer.


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