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Modular HDPE floating pontoon system

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18 January 2020 - 18 January 2030 18 January 2020 18 January 2030
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MFI Company
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  • Model A,V,U
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  • China
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  • TT
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  • 7 days

MFI Company pontoons use only 100% original high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in production.It includes for our entire products such as plastic pontoon cube and pontoon accessories.Complying with all ISO requirements and participating in annual independent audits by SGS Group will allow us to remain focused on the satisfaction of our valueable customers.It is also ensuring that all our modular plastic pontoon cube and pontoon accessories meet contract commitments in the most efficient and effective way.

Benefit from its toughness,durability and Eco-Friendly futures,our HDPE materials are to food grade standards that ensures the plastic pontoon cube will not damage the environment and are always safe to use, even on drinking water reservoirs.Moreover,we add Ultra Violet stabilisers offering a perfect high UV resistance.

We offer standard pontoon float colours in BLUE and ORANGE,but there are many other colours available for your custom requirement.

Modular Plastic Pontoon Cube

Model A

Size:50cmx50cmx40cm(±0.3cm)            Weight:7Kg(±0.2Kg)
Loading Capacity:320Kg/sqm                 Material:HMWHDPE
Color:Orange,Blue                                    Standard:Q/MFFT-2013
Boat docking,hydroplane docking,swim platform ,Marine sport jetty,Recreational platforms,floating park,diving jetties,floating platform,floating stage,floating water gardens,breakwaters ,fish cages,fish farms

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