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Oxygen Source Ozone Generator

Hong Xing Road No.1,Hong Xing Road Nantong, Jiangsu, NANTONG, NANTONG 226006, CHINA, JIANGSU, China
26 July 2018 - 31 December 2019
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Nantong Royeco Ozone Technology Co.,Ltd
No.1,Hong Xing Road, chongchuan, nantong 226006, nantong, jiangsu, China
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Oxygen source ozone generator
Oxygen source ozone generator 1 / water treatment ozone generator 2 / chemical oxidation ozone generator 3 / laboratory ozone generator 4 / small ozone generator 5 / high concentration ozone generator 6 / oxygen source ozone generator 7 / Pure water ozone generator 8/etc

The main technical features of OF-series high concentration ozone generator:
The ozone tube of this equipment introduces the most advanced technology of hufo in Germany, adopts the nano-ceramic glass medium imported from Germany, and the dielectric constant is higher than that of enamel and ceramic. The wall thickness is uniform and the ellipticity is accurate. The temperature is -50 °C to 1050. °C, moisture resistance (return water failure-free), oxidation resistance, high mechanical strength, high voltage resistance of 30,000 volts without breakdown. The electrode is made of CNC high-purity and corrosion-resistant high-quality titanium alloy. The tube seal is made of high-quality tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material and does not leak ozone gas and coolant. There is a small gap between the dielectric tube and the electrode, and there is no expansion coefficient difference to cause the dielectric tube to burst (enamel dielectric tube). The dielectric tube is sintered by nano-crystal technology, and it will not generate ash during the ozone generation process. It will make the life of machine longer. Because cooling methods are air-cooling and liquid-cooled double cooling, the ozone output is constant and the ozone concentration is high, so that the power consumption is lower and energy-saving. The outer casing are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The cooling method are forced air cooling and water cooling. The high-power flyback high-frequency power,stable performance. Oxygen is used as a gas source by using bottled oxygen or by using a small oxygen generator. The advantages are high ozone concentration,no nitrogen oxides,small volume,structural modularity,ozone production can be self-regulated,easy to operate and maintain and very low investment and usage costs.
>>Laboratory: chemical oxidation for raw material of flavors and fragrances, small water treatment experiment
>>Beverage process industry: such as pure water, spring water and any other water sterilization and disinfection
>>Fruits & vegetables process industry: such us keep fresh, storage etc
>>Food process industry: water, workshop, sterile room, equipments, tools
>>Pharmaceutical industry: water, air conditioner, workshop, dressing room, sterile room etc

Technical Specifications

Product Model Ozone Production
Ozone Concentration
Oxygen Input
Oxygen Pressure
Cooling-Down Method  Rated Current
OF-3 3 40-90 80 0.5-0.1 Air cooling+water cooling 0.2-0.4 340*190*410
OF-6 6 40-90 100 0.1-0.15 Air cooling+water cooling 0.4-0.6 340*190*410
OF-10 10 50-110 140 0.1-0.15 Air cooling+water cooling 0.5-0.7 400*320*600
OF-15 15 80-150 210 0.15-0.2 Air cooling+water cooling 0.6-0.9 400*320*600
OF-20 20 80-150 260 0.15-0.2 Air cooling+water cooling 0.8-1.1 400*320*600
OF-25 25 80-150 330 0.15-0.2 Air cooling+water cooling 1.0-1.3 400*320*600

(OF-30 to OF-100)

Weclome to visit our website www.royeco.cn Our email address:royecocn (at) gmail.com

26 July 2018 31 December 2019


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