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PE Construction Film

 Eram Alley, Vanak St Unit#6, No.1, Eram Alley, Vanak St.,Tehran, Tehran, Tehran 1994733131, Tehran Province, Tehran, Iran - Map Directions

7 May 2018 - 7 May 2018
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PE Construction Film:

Construction PE Construction Film and cover film which are usually applied as vapor barrier or membrane curing made of virgin or recycled PE are available in various widths, thicknesses and colors. IN ORDER TO MEET YOUR CONSTRUCTION NEEDS CUSTOM SIZES ARE AVAILABLE UPON INQUIRY. Our product features and characteristics are as below:

Product Name:  PE construction film
Also Known:  Foundation film – Plastic building film – construction rolls – vapor barrier – membrane curing
Application Multi-purpose PE construction film used for protection and storage of materials and construction equipment used at outdoor or indoor construction and renovation sites

 Economical under–slab vapor barrier

 Uniform separation between slab and soil

 Products protection against high moisture, puncture & tear

 Very low permeability  High corrosion and chemicals resistance

 Easy to install

 Passive protection system, no maintenance required

Thickness:  100 to 500 μm
Width:  40 to 1000 CM
Roll Color : Black – blue – yellow - colorless
Packing:  Rolls - inner core diameter 76 mm

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