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Piston rod automatic welding machine

 NO.153, Jinan 250000, Shandong, Shandong, China - Map Directions

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8 November 2018 - 8 November 2018 8 November 2018 8 November 2018
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Welding Machine Application

  1. Hydraulic cylinder CNC circular seam automatic welding machine should meet the automatic welding of cylinder-tubes, piston rod with eye and end caps.
  2. The workpiece rotates, welding torch moves up-down, side to side and angled turn to cooperate with workpiece. Adopt push type wire feeding mechanism to guarantee the stability of feeding wire. It can be achieved 5 synchronizing interpolated motion.
  3. The rotation speed of rotation axis is based on the rotary position of workpiece, to guarantee the consistency of welding linear speed.
  4. Servo motors are used to control the rotation of rotary axis, welding torch up-down, forward and backward, left&right and turning angle.
  5. Welding seam appearance is good and smooth, the depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the welding requirement, leakage rate is less than 1%
  6. Machine can weld in a straight flat line. One of 5 axes can move forward and backward. Other exes will not move.


Welding Machine Parameters


applicable cylinder length

Max 2500mm

applicable diameter


rotary chuck diameter


cylinder fixture


rotation speed

5rpm, stepless adjustment

program control

5 axis teach pendant

welding power source

Japan OTC EP400

machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50hz

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