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Power plant valve Valve

 Room508 Yanghe road, ETDZ, Qinhuangdao 066000, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China - Map Directions

15 June 2018 - 15 June 2021 15 June 2018 15 June 2021
电厂阀门 Power Plant-Valve
1 调节阀 Control / governing valve
2 蝶阀 Butterfly valve
3 主汽阀 Main steam stop valve
4 逆止阀 Check valve/Non-Return Valve
5 水封阀 Water seal valve
6 对空排气阀 Vent valve
7 安全阀 Relief/safety valve
8 卸荷阀 Dump valve/Unloading valve
9 疏水门 Drain valve
10 减压阀 Pressure relief valve
11 电磁阀 Solenoid valve
12 闸阀 Gate valve
13 减温减压阀 Pressure and temperature reducing valve
14 隔膜阀 Diaphragm valve
15 煤粉切断阀 Pulverized Coal Stop Valve
16 球阀 Ball valve
合作汽轮机厂   Partners
1 哈尔滨汽轮机厂 Harbin Turbine       (HTC)
2 东方汽轮机厂 Dong Fang Turbine (DTC)
3 南京汽轮机厂 Nanjing Turbine        (NTC)
4 上海汽轮机厂 Shanghai Turbine     (STP)
5 青岛捷能汽轮机 Qingdao Jieneng Steam Turbine (JieNeng)
6 杭州汽轮机厂 Hangzhou Turbine    (HTC)
7 武汉长江动力集团 Chang Jiang Energy Corporation (CCJEC)
8 杭州中能汽轮机厂 Hangzhou Chinen Steam Turbine (HCTC)
9 山东青能动力 Shandong QingNeng Power (QingNeng)
10 北京北重汽轮电机 Beijing Beizhong Steam Turbine (BEIZHONG)

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