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Qingdao Surely Machinery CO.,Ltd. Claimed

Qingdao Shandong China


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Customer satisfaction is our Priority. Quality is Back,back to Quality.No Quality,No business.

Qingdao Surely Machinery was founded on 2017,a sister company of Wotech Industrial Co.,Ltd. who has been an industrial leader in global Selling and Supply Chain management for over 13 years. With total investments of $500,000 from WOTECH,we are re-corporated into a machining factory.

We have grown to become more and more professional in CNC Machining, Fabrication, and Assembly for OEMs. The key to our success has been exceptional people, unparalleled facilities and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our people are experts in their given field. Their expertise is matched only by their passion for serving our clients. We continue to invest in our people with education programs, cross training and in our internal accredited apprenticeship center. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and equipped to serve our client's requirements.


Our Factory are now equipped with the state of the art CNC machining Centre and CNC lathe machines. We also enhanced our QC inspection facility such as CMM,projector, salt-spraying tester and so on.We both supply our customers with OEM/ODM high precision industrial metal components. With Surely's total-cost approach and Factory price, all of our customers can achieve significant cost reduction in their purchasing. Our main products include CNC machining parts, machined sand casting parts, machined precision casting parts, machined lost wax investment casting parts, machined die casting parts, machined die forging parts, stamping parts and Metal Spinning parts. 


Our services:

Product managements: When you start working with Surely machinery, a sales manager together with a product manager are assigned to work directly from beginning to end. Our sales manager will negotiate to get you the lowest possible cost solution. Our product managers will supervise all sample and production runs. Our product managers will assist our customers in other necessary activities  such as forecasting, lead time reduction, cash flow improvement planning, and supplier consolidation.


Inventory Management: Our warehouse floor area is 1200sq.m.We will manage your inventory in our warehouse saving you space, time, and money. Whether you have a special blueprint part or products that has assembled in preparation for your use, they will always be on our warehouse shelf for your immediate release.

Benefits of our inventory management services include having your company's products available year-round, in-house quality inspection, and in-house value-added services such as sub-assembly, kitting, and customs packaging.

Our inventory software can forecast our customer's annual usage and reorder timetable, allowing to purchase up to a yearly quantity of products to have ready for your releases. Our purchasing services include reducing delivery times, eliminating minimum buying problems, supplier consolidation, and cash flow improvement.


Sub-Assembly: In order to improve our customers' production efficiency and lower their cot, we provide sub-assembly services. Similar to kits, outsourcing sub-assemblies provides our customers with many benefits such as cost reductions in purchasing and scheduling, inventory cost, labor cost, and warehousing. Surely's sub-assembly service allows our customers to maximize their supply chain and minimize production costs.

Our in-house sub-assembly services are finished by our assembly department in our warehouse. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, all of our employees in the assembly department receive extensive training and lots of sub-assemblies are built to controlled work instructions, quality inspected and verified for accuracy.


Customs packaging: For customers who need more than just a standard box or bag to protect their parts, We can provide custom packaging solutions. Returnable packaging, quantities packaged specifically for service facilities, special protective packaging, and point-of-sale package marketing are just a few services we provide with custom packaging.Besides the product safety and marketing,Surely's custom packaging services eliminate third-party intervention, additional freight cost, and handling cost. Packaging options may include bulk in returnable or recyclable containers, polybag, heat shrink wrap, contoured corrugated or other inserts, clam shell, skin packing, and other POS packaging. 



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