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Nickel Silver Sheet / Nickel Silver Strip 
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Nickel Silver Sheet / Nickel Silver Strip

Nickel Silver Sheet / Nickel Silver Strip..... Alloy code: C7701, C7521, C7541... Specification: 1. Sheet : 0.80~3.50 mm (T) x 180~380 mm (W) x 1,200 mm (L). 2. Strip : 0.08~3.50 mm (T) x 12~380 mm (W)... Characteristic: Good processability, magnetic shielding ability, ductility, anti-fatigue, anti-corrosion, and high flexibility... Application: Phone shielding materials, liquid crystal oscillating element shell, crystal case, potentiometer slider, medical equipment, construction, wind instruments... If you have any requirement or question on our products, please kindly contact us at anytime. Thank you so much!!! Remarks: (1) Payment term: T/T(Wire Transfer). (2) M.O.Q. will be adjusted according to the specification. (3) Certification: ISO 14001 & ISO 9001, comply with RoHS. (4) Country of origin: South Korea.....
Trade Lead ID: 10103
  • Product Name:
  • Nickel Silver Sheet / Nickel Silver Strip
  • Model No. :
  • C7701, C7521, C7541
  • Product Country of Origin:
  • South Korea.
  • Method of Payment Options:
  • T/T(Wire Transfer).
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
  • To be confirmed.
  • Time Before Shipment:
  • To be confirmed.
  • Monthly Production:
  • N/A
We, Hang Jing Co., Ltd., have specialized in manufacturing non-ferrous metal alloy wires, such as Phosphorus bronze wire, Yellow brass wire, Nickel silver wire, OFC wire, Beryllium copper wire, etc. The factory set up in South Korea. We have engaged in this field for 30 years, and stably have supplied product to the well-known manufactories all over the world.... Our products are diversification, customization, and can be used in multiple applications, such as connectors, plated wires (for the telephone connection), and springs. We accomplish various special demands according to the attributes of different customers’ products..... Main Products: 1. Item: (01) Phosphor Bronze Wire: C5100, C5191, C5212.. (02) 0.45mm Phosphor Bronze Wire For Gold Plating: C5100.. (03) Tough Pitch Copper Wire For Contact: C1100.. (04) CuNi Wire For Contact: CuNi10(C70600).. (05) CN Wire: CN49, CN30, CN15, CN10, CN5. (06) Nickel Silver Wire(Sheet/Strip): C7701, C7521, C7541.. (07) Yellow Brass Wire: C2600, C2700.. (08) Tin Copper Wire.. (09) Tin-Zinc Alloy Wire.. (10) OFC Wire(Oxyacid Free Copper Wire, Cu-OF Wire).. (11) Beryllium Copper Wire/Beryllium Copper Bar: C17200, C17300..... 2. Wire type: Square, Round, Pin.. 3. Packaging mode: Bobbin, Coil, Carrier.. 4. Characteristics: Good anti-fatigue, Good anti-corrosion, Good anti-abrasion, etc.. 5. Certification: ISO 14001 & ISO 9001, Comply with RoHS.. 6. Country of origin: South Korea... We keep abreast of lead-time at any moment; emphasize simple, rapid and perfect services...

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