Side Entry Segment Ball Valve 
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Side Entry Segment Ball Valve

Side Entry Segment Ball Valve is a high performance valve we have developed with advanced technology.It also called eccentric ball valve ,semi ball valve ,half ball valve ,C type ball valve and E type ball valve .It is designed on the base of O type ball valve,which solves the difficulties of conveyance of “solid-liquid” and “solid-gas” two phase medium. Features 1.With straight through type valve body ,this segment ball valve can keep the medium flow by linear when it fully opened,so it reduced less energy loss compared with other valves. 2.Easy to operate: As the valve segment ball moved away from valve seat without any contact,so it has smaller starting torque compared with O type ball valve and easy to operate. 3.Because of double eccentric structure design ,the segment ball valve is perfectly sealed and can be closed tightly . 4.When the valve is closed ,the shear force is able to remove the foreign materials ,therefore it has anti-scaling performance. Technical Specifications Size: 2”-56” DN40-DN1400 Pressure:Class 150-Class900 PN6-PN40 Material:WCB(A105), WC6, WC9, LCB, CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L) Sealing material:Hard alloy or special treatment Connection methord: Flange ,welding type Driving method : Pneumatic ,electric, hydro electric actuator can be choosed Design standard : GB/T 26146-2010,ASME B16.10-2009,ASME B16.34-2009 Applications 1.Steel industry This segment ball valve is widely used for dust removeal system of steel industry 2.Natural alkali industry This segment ball valve is widely used in the following position: (1).Inlet and outlet of pumps for Ammonia water I and Ammonia water II beside carbonating tower (2).Inlet and outlet of mother liquor I and mother liquor II pumps . (3).Installation on the pipe under the cabonation tower to control of shut off the secondary salt solution . 3.Coal chemical industry The valve is usually used for high or low pressure coal slurry pump ,ash water pump ,chilling
Trade Lead ID: 10118
  • Product Name:
  • Side Entry Segment Ball Valve
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  • 0008
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  • 中国
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  • T/T,L/C
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  • 30 days
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  • 1000 sets
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