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Hot Selling HP MJF 3D Printing Braces Details: Keywords:HP MJF 3D Printing,3D Printing Braces,3D Printing Gear Material:PA(polyamide),PA11,PA12,Nylon,Metal,ABS,P A12 GB,PA2200,PA3200 Printer:HP 3D Printer, Nylon 3D Printing Technology:HP MJF & EOS SLS Contacts: WhatsApp:+8617721407073 Materials Application ABS Gear,Bearing,handle,machine shell,machine parts, instrument,calculator,radio televisions,toys PA bearing,gear,drive belt,handle,shell, tool holder,metal surface costing support frame,transmission cover,cable,precision parts,gasket
Trade Lead ID: 10176
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  • China
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  • T/T
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  • 1500KG
Guangdong LANWAN Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd,is located in Foshan,Guangdong,China. We specialize in 3D printing / additive manufacturing processing service and can make glasses,automobiles,footwear,HH Appliances & audios,trucks and medical equipment.we have 8 printers of HP 4200 and 2 printers of HP 4210. High quality, competitive pri

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