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laboratory freeze dryer 
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laboratory freeze dryer

  If the laboratory freeze dryer is not cooling how to solve? Not cooling means that it can not work, but can not remove the water, the same is not the same as the boot, this is what caused it? This first check the cooling of the condenser, the general air-cooled The condenser should always clean the heat sink. The heat sink aluminum plays an important role in heat dissipation. Also check if the refrigerant is enough to see the gauge. Laboratory freeze dryer (referred to as cold dryer) Overview (classification and technical parameters)   After the air compressor is compressed, the rear cooler is cooled, the air-water separator is separated, and the compressed air after the buffer tank is regulated is generally saturated. The relative humidity is 100%, and contains impurities such as oil and solid particles. Compressed air cannot be used directly, and it needs a drying apparatus such as a laboratory freeze dryer.   The cold trap is a device for capturing moisture in the freeze drying process. In theory, the lower the cold trap temperature, the stronger the trapping ability of the cold trap, but the cold trap temperature is low, the refrigeration requirement is high, the machine cost and the operating cost are high. The cryogenic temperature of the laboratory freeze dryer is mainly about -45°C, -60°C, -80°C, and so on.   If you have the needs of freeze dryers, freeze dryers, etc., you need to know the quotation, Please go to to find the phone +86-10-58895379 or email: Contact us, we will contact you in the first time.   laboratory freeze dryer : lab freeze dryer :
Trade Lead ID: 2350
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  • laboratory freeze dryer
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  • LGJ-10
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  • 中国
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Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and specializes in the R&D, production and sales of vacuum freeze-drying products. With the vacuum freeze dryer as the core product, forming different scales and different applications of three series of products as well as targeted solution for scientific research ex

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