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Bench Top Lyophilizers 
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Bench Top Lyophilizers

  The Bench Top Lyophilizers is a kind of pharmaceutical machinery, and the quality of the medicine directly affects the safety of human life. Therefore, the pharmaceutical machinery should strictly meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical production specifications. For the desktop freeze dryer, the freeze-drying box is in contact with the drug, so there should be strict requirements for the freeze-drying box.   In order to avoid contamination, the door of the Bench Top Lyophilizers should be designed to be separated from the rest of the machine by a partition wall so that the door can be opened to the sterile room; and the vents of the lyophilizer and the cold trap are also led to Mushroom room. A sterilizing filter should be installed at the venting port to reduce the contamination of the Bench Top Lyophilizers by the external environment. Some freeze-drying boxes also have small doors that can be used to access the products in small doors. The doors are only opened during maintenance to reduce pollution.   The materials used in the lyophilization box and the inner wall of the door and the structural parts in the lyophilization box shall be inert to the drug, that is, it shall be a corrosion-resistant material; the metal material shall be 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the non-metal material shall be glass or silicone rubber. Or medical rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene. The materials of valves, instruments, pipes, etc. connected to the freeze-drying box are also required to meet the above requirements.   If you have the needs of freeze dryers, freeze dryers, etc., you need to know the quotation, Please go to to find the phone +86-10-58895379 or email: Contact us, we will contact you in the first time.   Bench Top Lyophilizers :
Trade Lead ID: 2351
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  • Bench Top Lyophilizers
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  • LGJ-10
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  • 中国
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  • 86
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Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and specializes in the R&D, production and sales of vacuum freeze-drying products. With the vacuum freeze dryer as the core product, forming different scales and different applications of three series of products as well as targeted solution for scientific research ex

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