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Trade Lead ID: 2972
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Contact person: Mr.Bruce WhatsApp: 86 18106957056 Phone: 008618106957056 E-mail: Skype: 8618106957056 QQ: 1615348015 Wechat: nseauto006 Website: IS220PDIOH1A CCY H 94V-0 531X175SSBAYH2 531X300CCHAFMS 531X133PRNALC1 IC694ALG223 IC694ALG392 IC694MDL660 IC694MDL750 IC694MDL754 IC670CHS002 IC670MDL640 IC200GBI001 IC693ALG221 IC693PWR321 IC693MDL930 IC693PCM301 IC200ALG240 IS215UCVDH5 IS200DSPXH1D IS200EROCH1A IS200ERDDH1A IS200EPSMG2A IS200ERIOH1A IS215ACLEH1B IS200ERBPG1A IC752SPL013 IC697CPX935 IS215VPROH1BD IS200VAICH1D IS200VCRCH1B IS200VRTDH1D IS200VTCCH1C IS200VCMIH2B IS200VTURH2B IS200TBCIH1B IS200TREGH1B IS200TRLYH1B IS200TTURH1B IS200TPROH1B IS200TVIBH2B IS200TSVOH1B IS200TBAIH1C IS200TRTDH1C DS200CTBAG1A DS200SDCCG5A DS200SLCCG3A IS200VPWRH1A IC693MDL340 IC698CPE010 IC698ETM001 IC697CMM742 IC697CPX772 IC697BEM731 IC697PWR711 IC693ALG392 IC200ALG320 IC670CHS001 IC200CHS022 IC670GBI002 IC670MDL241 IC670ALG320 IC670ALG630 IC670ALG230 IC670MDL740 IC697CHS750 IC660BSM021 IC698CPE020 IC698CPE030 IC694TBB032 IC693MDL740 IC693MDL645 IC693ALG223 IC693CHS391 IC693CHS392 IC693CPU374 IC693MDL753 IC693MDL655 IC693APU302 IC697PWR710 IC697MDL653 IC697MDL753 IC697CPU731 IC693PBM200 IC693APU300 IC693ALG222 IC693MDL940 IC693CHS398 IC200ERM002 IC200PBI001 IC693CHS397 IC693APU301 IC693BEM331 IC693CPU350 IC694MDL645 IC695PBM300 IC695ETM001 IC695CPU310 IC694MDL742 IC693CMM321 IC660BBD025 IC660BBA026 IC660BBD024 IC660BBD120 IC660BBD021 IC660BBA020 IC660BBD020 IC660BBA025 IC660BBD110 IC660TBD024 IC698PSA100 IC693CPU364 IC698CHS117 IC693MDL752 IC690ACC901 IC670ALG620 IC698PSA350 IC698RMX016 IC698CRE020 IS215UCVDH5AN DS200FGPAG1AFC DS215UDSAG1AZZ01A DS215LRPBG1AZZ02A DS200NATOG1ABB DS200GDPAG1ALF DS200ACNAG1ADD DS
Trade Lead ID: 2972
  • Product Name:
  • GE
  • Model No. :
  • IS200VTCCH1C
  • Product Country of Origin:
  • USA
  • Method of Payment Options:
  • T/T
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
  • 1 PIECE
  • Time Before Shipment:
  • 3DAYS
  • Monthly Production:
  • 500 PIECE
N.S.E.Automation is a leading global industrial supplier in China, specializing in automation control systems module and spare parts with many years.The company camp world`s well-known brands:Bently Nevada, ABB,GE,Rockwell,Foxboro, Invensys Triconex, Westinghouse, Schneider Modicon,Siemens,Woodward,GE FANUC,Motorola,Yaskawa,Bosch Rexroth,Ro

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