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Bently Nevada 330730-040-01-00 
Trade Lead ID: 2975
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Bently Nevada

Contact person: Mr.Bruce WhatsApp: 86 18106957056 Phone: 008618106957056 E-mail: Skype: 8618106957056 QQ: 1615348015 Wechat: nseauto006 Website: PFEA111-65 3BSE050090R65 CR-U220DC3L TBNH NCHM-21C SDCS-IOE-1 XV C768 AE102 XV C767 AE102 AGBB-01C SCYC 55830 SDCS-I0E-1 SDCS-IOE-2C 5SHY3545L0010 3BHB013088R0001 NDPA-02 NTAC-02 NPOW-42C MTA0020 HB010662R0120 AFPS-01C SDCS-POW-1C APBU-44C THERMOSTAT KTO1140 HL000986P8000 STEGO KTO011 VA C383 AE01 HIEE300890R0001 XVC770BE101 3BHE021083R0101 TB840A 3BSE037760R1 IMHSS03 IMASI13 SB808F 5SDF0860H0003 AFPS-11C 68969972E DSTA131 57120001-CV DSTA145 57120001-HP RPBA-01 MNTU-21C 3BSE017429R1 PP846 3BSE042238R1 PP846A TB805 3BSE008534R1 DSTA 171 3BSE018311R1 UFC784 AE101 3BHE003688R0101 UFC784 AE 3BHE003688R0001 NDCU-51C NIOC-01 NAMC-51C NPCT-01C NPCT-01 DSDP 150 57160001-GF DSTA 145 57120001-HP SDCS-UCM-1 UCM-1-COAT 3ADT220090R0008 TC520 3BSE001449R1 SDCS-REB-1 REB-1-COAT XV C770 AE 3BHB006414R0001 DSTX 170 57160001-ADK RET615 REF615R DI801 3BSE020508R1 RMIO-11C  07DC92 GJR5252200R0101 SINT4611C 3ASC25H705/7 140NOE11701 140CPU31110 140CPU43412A 490NRP95400 140NOE77111 140ACI03000  140CRA21110 140CPU53414A 140NOE77101 140AMM09000 140DDO36400 tb840a  tpm810  vpm810  pm564-tp  pm564-rp  pm564-rp-ac  pm564-rp-eth  pm564-rp-eth-ac  pm564-tp-eth  ICS T3404 T3401 T3310 T9431 T3160 T9432 1746-NI4 1746-NO4I 1785-L80C15 1764-RTC 1764-LSP 1764-LRP AO810V2 DSAI130 DI820 TU831V1 SDCS-CON-2A UF C784 AE10 3BHE003688R0101 NGPS-13C 3AUA0000042489 CI854A 1C31224G01 1C31227G01 DS200RTBAG3AGC 531X305NTBANG1 IC697CHS790 DS200UPLAG1BDA 531X307LTBAKG1 IC200ACC001  IC200PWR102 AO810V2 DSAI130 DI820 TU831V1 SDCS-CON-2A UF C784 AE10 3BHE003688R0101 NGPS-13C 3AUA0000042489 CI854A 1785-L80C15 1764-RTC 1764-LSP 1764-LRP IC695ETM001 IC695LRE001
Trade Lead ID: 2975
  • Product Name:
  • Bently Nevada
  • Model No. :
  • 330730-040-01-00
  • Product Country of Origin:
  • USA
  • Method of Payment Options:
  • T/T
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
  • 1 PIECE
  • Time Before Shipment:
  • 3DAYS
  • Monthly Production:
  • 50 PIECE
N.S.E.Automation is a leading global industrial supplier in China, specializing in automation control systems module and spare parts with many years.The company camp world`s well-known brands:Bently Nevada, ABB,GE,Rockwell,Foxboro, Invensys Triconex, Westinghouse, Schneider Modicon,Siemens,Woodward,GE FANUC,Motorola,Yaskawa,Bosch Rexroth,Ro

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