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CALL/TEXT/WHATsAPP 209 714 7651 FOR QUALITY FLOWERS, DISTILLATE CARTRIDGES, BRASS KNUCKLES, CBD OILS, BHO OIL, EDIBLES, HASH AND CONCENTRATES. We got them in large quantities and sell both small and huge quantities depending on what they can afford, therefore offering them at very good prices and we are sure of their quality . We got different indoors and outdoors strains available including INDICA, SATIVA AND HYBRID with nice nose flavors BELOW ARE SOME FEW OF WHAT WE GOT FOR DISCOUNT AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!!!!!! sour Diesel, Ak47, Blueberry purple haze, Super Silver haze, Trainreck, white widow, OG Kush, White rhino, Jack herer, white Russian, Lemon haze, black domina, Afghani kush, granddaddy, sweet island skunk, OG, ghost train haze, Hawaii-Skunk, Hindu Kush, AK 47, Barry White Oil, white Russian, blue dream crystal, Dabber’s Delight CBD Oil, Dabber’s Delight Indica, Platinum Cookies Oil, Hindu Kush Wax, Royal Kush Wax Crumble, snoop master kush, Night Nurse, Straw Berry Banana, Mega Wellness OG, Lam’s Breath, Cherry Pie, Tahoe OG, Fire OG and many more........ -OUR strains are Indoor/outdoor grown. -All strains are produced in bulk and are mold/pest free -All sealed in air tight bags. All jar cured. -All donations are for my time and labor.. NO Trash !! NO Shake !! FOR OTHER PRODUCTS LIKE VAPES CART, WAX, HASHES, BRASS KNUCKLES, PURE 99% CBD AND HEMP OILS, EDIBLES, DISTILLATES CART AND CONCNTRATES YOU CAN CHECK ON OUR WEBSITE. BE REST ASSURE U ARE DEALING WITH 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE AND HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONAL VENDORS THAT WILL OFFER YOU THE BEST SUPPORT NECESSARY, IN TERMS OF PRESCRIPTION, SALES AND DELIVERY WE OFFER THE BEST (100% DISCTRETENESS). CHECK-IN NOW AND TELL THE WORLD ABOUT US. Contact Person: Charles Skinfloot Phone: (209) 7147651 WhatsApp: +12097147651 Wickr ID: medmjbible Email Address: Website; WE OFFER FULL RANGE OF SERVICES TO ENSURE OUR CLI
Trade Lead ID: 6851
  • Product Name:
  • concentrates
  • Model No. :
  • 2221542354
  • Product Country of Origin:
  • USA
  • Method of Payment Options:
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
  • 1 L
  • Time Before Shipment:
  • 24hrs
  • Monthly Production:
  • 100 L
We are strong believers that every person who requires medical marijuana should have easy access to it. The government continues to say that it “does not endorse the use of marijuana, but the top courts have required reasonable access to authorized patients.” We want to do everything in our power to make sure that these patients get the ver

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