Sand making machine 
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sand making machine

Since July, the demand for sand and gravel has continued to rise, and the price of sand and gravel has risen linearly. Many people are optimistic about the opportunity to build a mechanism sand plant. Take the river pebble as an example. How much profit does a ton of river pebble make? How much does it cost? As a professional large-scale equipment manufacturer, we have conducted certain market research: in general, the coarse, medium and fine sand produced by one ton of river pebbles are about 0.86 tons, but it does not mean that all river pebbles can reach 86% of sand production rate, which is consistent with the hardness and quality of the river pebbles themselves. What is the profit of a ton of river pebble sand? At present, the price of machine-made sand in some areas such as Chongqing, Sichuan, and Hebei has risen to 120-140 yuan per ton, while the price of river pebbles itself is very low. It is processed through sand-making process to remove intermediate labor costs and water consumption. Electricity and other operating costs, profits are also considerable. What is the quality of sand made from river pebble sand making equipment? Compared with the natural sand, the sand made by the sand makers is in good shape with good adhesion, which perfectly improves its using effects. Besides, Through hitting reactions between stones or between iron and stone, the finished products has uniform particle shape, capacity to resist the wear and corrosion. What equipment is needed for the river pebble sand making process? Generally speaking, the river pebble sand making process mainly includes crushing, sand making machines, sand washing machines, screening equipment, conveyors, etc. Normally it needs to be equipped with a crusher (usually used in coarse or finely crushed). How to configure the production line to get profit as soon as possible? A sand production line is costly, with hundreds of thousands and millions of inputs, so it is very important for
Trade Lead ID: 7012
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  • sand making machine
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  • HXVSI-7611
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  • 中国
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