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Order pain relief drugs and pharmaceutical products,i have emerged top vendor in most b2b sites like exporter India and many other black markets sites . My product are of top quality as they are been produced in INDIA and some in the US .Our product are 100% top quality as they always produces good result to our users.We strive to build a long lasting relationship with our clients . We ship discreetly to all locations be it USA,EUROPE,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,ASIA etc.shipping is fast cheap and very reliable as we use verified shipping agencies like Fed ex ,USPS,USP,EMS,POST OFFICE and a few others .We sell a tablet or pill of any drug and mg for $1 and minimum order is 500 tablet except other wise . WE HAVE DRUGS SUCH AS ................ .XANAX .Norco Tablets .Tranax Tablets .CODEINE SYRUP Actavis Promethazine Codeine(16oz and 320z) .OXYCODONE .OXYCONTIN .ZOPICLONE .Vicodin,Voltaren,Vicoprofen .TRAMADOL .DIAZEPAM .alprazolam (Xanax) .chlordiazepoxide (Librium) .clonazepam (Klonopin) .diazepam (Valium) .lorazepam (Ativan) .ROXY TABLET .Rohypnol Tablet .VALIUM 10,15 and 20 mg .Roche Valium .OPANA 5mg,7.5mg,10mg,15mg,20mg,30mg and 40mg .PERCOCET 7.5mg,5mg and 10mg .RITALIN 5,10, 20 mg .Dilaudid Tablets .Clomiphene Citrate Tablet .Abamune Tablets .Etizolam Tablet .Vidalista .Amoxapine Tablets .Primo Tabs .Ambien Tablets .GlEEVEC TABLET .Tadapox Tablets .MDMA ,amphetamine, and methamphetamine. .Phentermine/ADIPEX .EPHEDRINE .Fentanyl patches .Concerta .Dormicum .METHADONE .SUBOXONE .SUBUTEX .AMBIEN .ZOLPIDEM .Potassium Cyanide In Powder, Tablet And Capsule .Mens Intelli Vit Multivitamin Tablets .Votrient Tablets/ pazopanib .Rabeprazole Sodium Tablets .Oxandrolone Tablets .Cellcept Tablets .VIAGRA .CIALIS .LEVITRA .Energy Tablet .ALPRAZOLAM .Clonazepam .Nitrazepam .ADDERALL .Nembutal (Powder,Pills and Liquid form) .KETAMINE .Hydrocodone .Alfentanil .Methadone .Buprenorphine .Zepatier 50mg .Truvada
Trade Lead ID: 7094
  • Product Name:
  • tramadol/xanax
  • Model No. :
  • 00ic3
  • Product Country of Origin:
  • Method of Payment Options:
  • money order
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
  • 500
  • Time Before Shipment:
  • 72hrs
  • Monthly Production:
  • 1000000
we are legit and reliable vendors on all kinds of drugs ,pharmaceutical products and research chemicals .We do discreet and reliable deliveries to all locations with no problems and provide a tracking number on package .

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