Distiller's Grains/DDGS Drying Equipment  
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Distiller's Grains/DDGS Drying Equipment

Distillery Grains r the residues of rice, wheat or sorghum after wine making. It contains rich crude protein, about 2-3 times higher than the corn content. Lees also contain a variety of trace elements, vitamins, yeasts, lysine, methionine and tryptophan. However, the distiller's grains water content is high, easy moldy and rotting, then polluting the environment. Dry lees can be supplied for animal feed industries, or for fish feeding. It will increase the added value of distillers and reduce environmental pollution. ZJN drying machine can dry above 80% moisture content residues to below 10%. The color and nutrition will be well kept. Wet distiller grains are automatically transported into the first level cylinder. With the fuction of guiding board and rotary harrow, wet material will spread into the drying room and contact with hot air directly. Through continously lifting and spreading and hot air blowing, the water contents will be greatly reduced. Then material will enter into second level cylinder. In this cylinder, hot air current is reverse with material transfer trend, material will be dry more evenly and thoroughly. In third cylinder, material water content is very low, drying process will go quickly. DDGS Dryer: What is it and who uses it? A DDGS (distiller's dried grains w/ solubles) dryer takes the moisture content of WDGS (wet cake, wet distillers grains solubles, the goop leftover after the starches and sugars being removed from grain for ethanol or other form of alcohol) down from it’s original cream-of-wheat consistency to a grape-nuts consistency. The dryer styles for the ethanol industry are rotary drum dryers and ring dryers (a variant of the flash dryer). As a rotary drum dryer designer and manufacturer, ZJN recommends for the rotary drum style over the ring dryer. so, do request for quotes for lucartive machines and revenue.
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  • Distiller's Grains/DDGS Drying Equipment
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  • China
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"Established in 1991, Henan ZJN Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd is a technology innovation-oriented enterprise which has been specialized in the research and development, equipment manufacturing and project engineering of drying all kinds of high humid and viscous materials. " Taking “Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Efficient

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