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Transparent LED Glass 
Trade Lead ID: 8688
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Transparent LED Glass

The transparent led glass is mainly concentrated in the prosperous areas of the city. Such a huge building curtain wall is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. The advertising value of this market has not been fully developed, and the outdoor advertising resources in the city are increasingly exhausted. In the case of the glass curtain wall is a new blue ocean field. The scope of this field is very wide, such as urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automotive 4S shops, hotels, banks, chain stores and other glass curtain wall buildings with commercial value. We also have led wall transparent. High efficiency service-more convenient, calibration data saving, visible control box, serialization design, standardization design. This is our curved led screen.
Trade Lead ID: 8688
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  • Transparent LED Glass
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Mokes Technology Co., Ltd is the one of the earliest fully equipped company which engaged in led pole display, indoor full color led advertising screen, outdoor digital display board, transparent full color led display panel and outdoor led display wall.

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