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Olive Pomace Oil

Pomace oil is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree. Pomace oil is extracted from olive pomace with the use of solvents or other chemical processes. The olive pomace is the by-product of the extraction process of the original olive oil. Olive oil is cold-pressed and pomace oil is hot-pressed. Pomace oil is graded from a blend of refined pomace oil and virgin olive oil, that is fit for human consumption. Refined pomace oil is often used for deep frying and consumption in foods. Refined...

Apr 24, 2018, 15:13:05
Refined Sunflower Oil (RFSO)

REFINED SUNFLOWER SEEDS OIL Selin, the perfect flavour in your cuisine! Selin Refined Sunflower Seeds Edible Cooking Oil is obtained from the highest quality sunflower seeds and manufactured with the latest technology. Selin refined suflower oil is Vitamin E rich with perfect final product quality, lightness and taste as per international standards. Our production technology helps maintain the maximum amount of natural nutritional qualities to ensure a healthy final product. Sunflower Oil...

Apr 7, 2018, 13:13:52