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Alumina Powder Wagon Liner

Liner in Wagon/Wagon Liner: Liner in the Rial Wagon for bulk material transpotation sealed PE Woven liner installed in the Wagon/Truck.Then filling the Cargo from the top spout(4pcs Spouts).The Liner was used to isolate and protect the cargo against the Wagon to guarantee cleanliness in Wagon.After unloading to empty Wagon and return back.No need clean the Wagon/Truck,we can save the cost and time. Description: The liner is made by PE Woven/Fabric with double sides...

Apr 20, 2019, 2:53:32
Chemical Granules Packing PE Film Container Liner

Film Liner,calling PE Liner and PE Container Liner,which are wildly used in solid powder Cargo packing and transportation.Like PTA,PVC,PAM etc. and Flour,Starch,Milk,Sugar and Salt food products. Anthente hold the own partents heat sealing technical to seal the Film Liner body. High quality and stable sealing line to make sure the Film Body in security the Cargo inside. Keep cleaning and avoid the moisture 100%. Anthente,who are manufacturing Manufacturing more than 60 types...

Apr 20, 2019, 2:33:01
Wine Oil Sea Shipping Flexitank

The ASTpack Composite Design Flexitank/Flexibag convert a standard 20ft sea container into a 12~24KL bulk liquid transportation system. This food grade flexitank is suitable for the carriage of most types of non-hazardous liquids. The ASTpack Composite Design Flexitank is constructed of three or four independent food grade 3-ply co extrudedPE Film tubular and a rugged,abrasion resistant outer woven PP protection.It is capable of shipping up to 24,000 liters of bulk...

Apr 20, 2019, 2:26:00
20ft Dry Bulk Container Liner for Granular

• Body Sizes: Made and Suitable for 20ft,30ft,40ft,45ft Container,Truck and Rail Wagon 20ft: 5900*2400*2400MM 30ft: 8900*2400*2400MM 40ft: 11900*2400*2400MM 45ft: 13500*2500*2500MM Or base on your design. • Materials:PE Film, PE Woven, PP Woven, PE Aluminum Film;All materials are Food Grade Approved • Hanger System: PE Film Liner: Bule Tab+Rubber band/Bungee Cord+Hook Welding Disk+Rubber band/Bungee Cord+Hook PE/PE Woven Liner: Stitching Loop+ Webbing/Rope/Bungee Cord+Hook Or Stitc...

Apr 20, 2019, 2:20:57