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Best CNC Wood Lathe Machine from China

Best CNC Wood Lathe Machine from China This wood lathe machine is equipped with single rotary axis with 4.0kw (5.4HP) servo turning motor, two pieces wood turning tools, adjustable gymbal & spindle. Cutters Shipping Along with EagleTec CNC Wood Lathe Machine It contains one set carbide woodturning cutter, one set 3 in 1 woodturning chisel, and 1 piece arch type router bit for broaching. CNC Wood Lathe Machine Program Software Since the controller reads ***.dxf file, AutoCAD is used...

Dec 30, 2019, 5:39:39
CNC Automatic Wood Lathe for Sale

CNC Automatic Wood Lathe for Sale Quick Details of CNC Automatic Wood Lathe Machine • Truely automatic workpiece feeding. • Working size 11.81"D x 59"L (300 x 1500mm) • One blade head + one electronic spindle head combination • AC servo 5.36HP (4.0KW) as head stock drive • NEMA34 stepping motor + YAKO YAK2811MA combination as the X and Y drive • RichAuto hand-held numerical controller special for auto wood lathe, which can read ***.dxf file and no need to make G-code toolpa...

Dec 2, 2019, 4:16:14