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Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 080450) We would like to offer: Mangosteen. Our mangosteen (garcinia mangistana L.) or people known as "Queen of Fruit" is harvested twice a year, December - March and June - August. Quality of our mangosteen can be classified as follow: Super A : 6-8 pcs/kg.; A : 10 pcs/kg.; B : 13 pcs/kg.; C : 15 pcs/kg. There are five or six small segments of white flesh contained within the hard, dark reddish purple outer shell. When ripe, the outer shell yields to soft pressure and...

Nov 5, 2021, 19:31:23
Consumer Electronic Goods

Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 841810) Our consumer electronic goods consist of: LCD/LED TV, DVD/VCD, Washing machine, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Water dispenser, Rice cooker, Showcases, etc.. Produced under ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Brand: Polytron. Product of Indonesia. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details. Thank you. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).

Nov 5, 2021, 19:26:53
Banana Chips

Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 080300) We would like to offer: banana chips. Made from fresh local banana fruit without any preservatives and coloring. Available in flavor: coffee, cheese, spicy, etc.. Halal. Nett. 250gr in plastic bag. Every plastic bag is packed in kraft paper bag. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).

Oct 19, 2021, 14:22:51
Working Gloves

Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 611610) We would like to offer: knitted working gloves. Our knitted working gloves made from: cotton, aramid, etc., depends on its purpose. Most of our working gloves made from recycled cotton yarn. Finishing: plain, colored, rubber coating, rubber dot, etc.. Especially working gloves made of Aramid fiber (metha type) is intended for high temperature working conditions, reflecting its excellent fire retardancy. While other working gloves made of Aramid fiber (para type)...

Oct 19, 2021, 14:16:42
Instant White Coffee

Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 210112) We would like to offer: Instant White Coffee. Composition: instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, sugar. Packed in nett. 20gr plastic sachet. 20 sachets in OPP metalized bag (20pc x 20gr). Carton box: 10bag x 20pc x 20gr in gross weight: 4.6kg. Box size: 39x25x19cm. One 20 feet FCL container can fits 1500 carton boxes. Halal. Product of Indonesia. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).

Oct 18, 2021, 0:14:15

Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 390110) We would like to offer: prime grade polyethylene. Consist of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). In LLDPE, available film and injection grade. While in HDPE available: film (HMW/ High Molecular Weight), blow molding (HMW), injection and monofilament grade. Widely use for making: t-shirt bag, poly bag, trash bag, jerry can, housewares, tarpaulin, etc.. Form: granule. Brand: AsreneĀ®. Packaging: nett. 25kg in heavy-duty ...

Oct 18, 2021, 0:06:42
Sporting Goods

Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 950662) We would like to offer: sporting goods. Consist of: soccer, volley and basket ball. OEM welcome. Material for the core is using: Butyl Rubber. Outer material is using PVC or PU, in regular or high gloss surface. Produced by hand stitch or lamination method. Finish: printing, embossing or combination of both. Including moisten needle. Each ball supply in empty conditions, wrap with plastic, then packed in the carton box. Every carton box is contained 24 balls....

Aug 10, 2021, 11:46:24
Tissue Paper

Dear Sir/Madarn, (HS 480300) We would like to offer: Tissue Paper. Consist of : toilet paper, facial tissue and paper napkin. Material: 100% virgin pulp or mix with recycled pulp. Intended for converting industry in jumbo roll or retail market. One or two-plies. Grammature: 13-46 gsm. There is a paper core inside jumbo roll, dia. 3 inch. Jumbo roll is wrap with kraft paper and plastic film. Retail packing available in roll or sheet. Accept buyer's brand, terms and conditions apply. Produced...

Aug 10, 2021, 11:38:39