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  Buying The Corvette Installing The DRM FRC Roll Bar Stroker 382 LS1 AP Brakes For The C5 Corvette C5 Corvette Custom Seats Miscellaneus Modifications C5 Intercooled Supercharger HRE Wheels And Michilin Tires

UPDATE 09/17/05 Hi Corvette Fans. I am cruising by today to say that all is well with my vette project and the mods I did have worked out fine. It seems like I will keeping this car for along time since this is still my favorite body style for the Corvette. If you have any questions on the project it is fine to send me an email. Be Safe... Mell

UPDATE 08/01/01 We just started the beast and I am finally excited. No need to get excited too soon when you wait 6 months for blower parts. I will post numbers as soon as I break her in. Here are some quick pics I just threw up. Quick Shots

Hello. My handle is "Mell"... welcome to my C5 Corvette Website. I want this site to aide you and others in their search for information on performance enhancements for their C5 Corvettes. Just like other sites aided me.

At the time of this site going on line, I could find little information on several subjects I cover to the left. So here is all the information I have gathered in my journy to complete my project car. May this site make your C5 Corvette and LS1 journey more enjoyable. 

Listed to the left are the links to the major modifications I have made to my 2000 C5 Corvette Hard Top or Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC) and the LS1. Some of the lesser modifications such as shifter etc. have been left out due to the extensive covering of these corvette addons at other websites. Check "My Favorite Links " page for that info and more.

Any information or suggestions are welcome regarding this site or it's content.This site is in constant evolution until the completion of my C5 Corvette concept car.


Acknowledgements: I want to acknowledge my partner in this project, Performance Technical Center in Elk Grove Village, IL phone 847 228 7256. Geoff provided much technical assistance toward the completion of the car. Thanks also to the geat forums listed to the left.

Dislclaimer: Clearly I am not responsible nor liable for any problems or injury you encounter using the material on this site to modify or operate your car. Put these modifications on your car at your own risk!