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Installing The FRC
Corvette DRM Roll Bar

by Mell

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A long time ago a good friend of mine lost his head (literally) when he rolled his 1966 289 Shelby Cobra on Sunset Blvd. He had no roll bar! Ever since then I have been an advocate of roll bars in fast street cars (especially plastic ones). Below is a description on how I put the DRM roll bar in my C5 FRC Corvette.

The DRM roll bar comes bare metal so you will first have to spray paint it or get it powder coated like I did. Next take out the seats and carpet in the areas shown and put the roll bar where you want it for measuring. It is easy to center using the provided center line by GM.

Trace the outline of the "feet" about 1/4" bigger then the actual foot with a good marking pen then remove the bar. For the rear feet take a dremmel tool and cut away the fiber glass and grind away paint and trim some of the exposed welds as necessary. You will have to take off any paint that found its way into the weld holes on the roll bar also.

Left rear foot hole after cutout and grinding.

Grind the paint away on the cross member also.

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