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2001 LS1 Intake
Manifold Upgrade

by Mell

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For C5 Corvettes and LS1 engines pre 2001, a good modification to compliment your ported and polished heads is the 2001 intake manifold. It should give you over 10 RWT and over 10 RWHP gain.

Make sure you order 2 of the 2001 vent tubes. I do not feel comfortable blocking off the rear vent hole with plugs, so you can adapt the front 2001 tube for the rear, or modify your existing vent tubes to work.

Here are some part numbers:
2001 Intake Manifold - #88890523
2001 coolant pipe seal - #12551933
2001 coolant pipe - #12568478
2001 rear coolant plug - #12562788 ( I would not use these)

Below is a shot of the 2000 vent tubes. They will not work on the 2001 intake manifold without modification.

Now notice that the manifold does not fit with the unmodified 2000 vent tubes.

In the photos below you can see that on the 2001 LS6 GM plugs off the vent holes in the rear and does not use a vent line. No line runs under the intake manifold probably due to the clearance problem.

Here are some shots of the two manifolds together. When you look inside each manifold, you can notice the difference in the design of the plenum area. The 2001 unit clearly has more volume. Also you can see the difference in the bottom of the 2001 unit that causes the vent tubes not to work. Notice the foam indentations on the stock unit from the vent tubes.

Stock 2000 is on the top

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