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2001 LS1 Intake
Manifold Upgrade

by Mell

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Stock 2000 is on the left.

If you take off your pre 2001 intake manifold you will notice that there are indentations in your knock retard wires near the sensors. I have seen this on more then one LS1 myself. This is from the circular rib on the bottom of the plenum chamber (see arrow in pic above) pushing this wire up against the valley cover and putting a dent in it. In aircraft wiring this would be unacceptable. Guess GM does not care about crushed wires.

On these pre 2001 manifolds, this area in the center is the closest to the valley cover and then it curves away and affords more clearance for these wires and the vent tubes to run across the valley cover. See above.

Now look at the 2001 manifold on the right and see there is no curve on the bottom of the plenum. It runs flat all the way across. This means that you have little more the 1/8 clearance to work with. Not enough for vent tubes, plastic wire clips and thick wire harnesses. No wonder in 2001 GM changed the vent tubes.

To get the manifold conversion to work for us, we made a channel by grinding ribs for the wires to run through so the wires are not crushed by these ribs on the bottom of the plenum. You just have to grind down a few spots on the ribs to get the clearance for the wires. We also took off the tape that made thick areas in the wire harness and removed the vent tube clips.

Another note. At this point we think you should run two 2001 vent tubes. One for the back and one for the front. We ran a hose from the rear vent tube outlet up over the intake and teed it into the front vent tube outlet. This duplicates as much as possible the original vent system.

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