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Installing The FRC
Corvette DRM Roll Bar

by Mell

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Now comes the hard part. Take your car to a good Heliarc welder. We did heliarc to keep the sparks down inside the car. Put the roll bar back in and make sure it fits properly. We had to weld in an 1/8" spacer under the left rear foot to get the best fit. Tell the welder to weld in the holes provided on the feet of the bar. It is not necessary to weld the outside edges other then for tacking the bar down to keep it straight.

IMPORTANT The cross member behind the seats has a fuel vent line running through it. Do not get that cross member too hot as the line may be resting near your weld spot. We moved around from hole to hole to keep the temps down.

Next paint the bare areas to match. Squirt some expanding foam into the gaps around the rear feet to seal off those areas. Do not use fiberglass because it will squeak. You will have to slot and cut out holes in the carpet for the new roll bar. Make a template if you are unsure of your cutting abilities. And there you have it!

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