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Tubbing A 2000 FRC C5 Corvette
by Mell

Page 4

Now take the fender skirt...

and cut it out along the lines shown in the photos below. You will have to cut off some of the inside half around the frame area so that the geometry will work.

Once they are cut, remove the bracket from outside the rear storage area and move it in two inches. For the two brackets on either side of the shock tower, I just drilled through the original bracket holes in the cutout part and it fit perfectly. Remount the two halves back in the car after preparing them for glassing.

Here the skirt is shown with the inside laminates competed. I bolted them in before glassing the inside of them so I could build up a mold around the frame area and make sure of fitment. I kept the factory spacing between the skirt and the body the best I could.

Note the cabosol and mill fibererd epoxy resin we used to fill in any gaps along the edges before we put the top layers of glass on. By sanding the edges down, the glass will stick better. The material GM uses for these liners is tough to bond to and that is why we glassed both the top and bottom of the parts. Be sure to sand it real rough before glassing.

As far as the carpet goes, just cut out the molded carpet fender area at the right angle bend of the fender and glue it on the fender... foam and all. Then cover the whole inside fender with carpet glued to the old piece.

Here is a shot of the completed right inside. Trim the tower support trim piece so that it fits well on the carpet. It is really hard to tell the car has been tubed at all and I am extreemly happy with the results. The 335s look awesome on the car!

Here are some shots without engine in car.

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